Kinloch: dreams made of silk

Witty patterns, bright colours, fine tailoring.

Discover our world made of foulards, enveloping stoles, accessories made with soft and precious fabrics; collections inspired by the most fascinating and magical places. We combine sartorial passion, direct experience, Made in Italy and high technology to create unique garments, produced in small or customised series.

Discover the ecommerce, explore the collections or customise your unique piece with your imagination: the Kinloch world is now at your fingertips.


Ready, set, go!

Look at the landscapes of the world through the thin veil of our silk, it does not disrupt the sight of the Eiffel Tower or Buckingham Palace. On the contrary, it enhances the colours, as a photograph saturated with nuances that you must not miss.

It tries to grasp every detail: the patterns printed on our fabrics are the only memory you will need. In their plots you will find fantastic animals, dancers, musicians, glimpses of cities and famous monuments.

Allow us to lead you on an incredible journey.


Travel moments

Do not hesitate, let yourself be accompanied to a performance of Can-can! Let’s go in.

Brush your fingers on the hand-woven silk that depicts the dunes of Marrakech and think of the warm sun of the city. The chatter of the Suq almost sounds like a hypnotic melody.

While wrapping your head with a scarf, do you recall the notes of Havana? They seem to echo at every corner.

The silence of the steppes comes to you, to guide you in front of the Kremlin.

Look at the brilliant colours and think about where you have seen as mesmerising nuances as these … Mexico City with its sumptuous sombreros and gaudy stoles.