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About us

Kinloch has been in the market since 2013 thanks to the brilliant intuition of Davide Mongelli, who gave life to the project along with both a young designer and Francesco Fantoccoli, who is today the creative director of the brand.
Kinloch grasps the existence of a new and different way in fashion (less structured and rigid, more free and easy going) to unleash the potential of the excellence in Italian craftsmanship, which is recognized and loved throughout the world.

The products that make up the diverse Kinloch universe are regular and maxi scarves, stoles, pocket squares, ties and bow ties, swimsuits, socks and fabric belts.
Luxury accessories. Discreet touches of humor both for him and for her.
Flashes of an unexpected irony. Touches of surprise, like the absolute lightness of fireworks.
All Kinloch accessories are brought out and enhanced by formal and conventional outfits; they put some seeds of freshness in the reassuring sobriety of a classic gown or suit.

The comforting reliability of “Made in Italy” is found in the effervescent lightness of colorful prints, silk from Lake Como and wool from Biella.
Impeccable finishing and details that in their infinitesimal size reveal their very mastery.
Retro, but with a new energy.