Explore the world with the Kinloch Fashion Collections







The collections are built as authentic and imaginative journeys to legendary destinations, through the stylish interpretation of Kinloch. From Moscow to Mexico City, passing through London and Cuba: with Kinloch, the Journey is an adventure through colour and form, thanks to a meticulous design that has nothing to do with a mere picture-postcard depiction.

The starting point is our Showroom in Milan, the capital of Made in Italy fashion. Kinloch’s imaginary destinations come to life through magical silk yarns, where the most secret glimpses and the most unexpected encounters show places from an unprecedented perspective.

Kinloch’s Journeys are based on lightness, of the soul and of the fabrics, from which you may understandably expect (almost) anything.


Come and discover Mother Russia with a journey that crosses a country that is a world unto itself.

A journey between reality and fantasy, between today and what no longer is,

between the domes of Saint Basil and the alleys of Petersburg,

between the frozen countryside and the remote,

where Chagall’s fiddlers play suspended in air

between misty roofs and the snow-filled sky.



Buckingham Palace dominates the scene, surrounded by the Queen’s guards, with the reigning Bulldog.

Tower Bridge creates a circle of symmetrical bridges, surrounded by taxis and call boxes, while London’s traffic takes the form coloured cars on clutch bags and ties.

The nature of the green English countryside becomes a source of inspiration in every detail, thus the mallards take flight, while pheasants and rabbits, in the choreography of a hunting trip, are surrounded by an ensemble of trumpets and horns.

Nothing is pushed to the background, because every detail brings a nuance, every single element narrates a tale.

Mexico City

Are you are ready to launch yourself into the beating heart of Mexico City,

through sharp-cornered deserts and burning stones?

In Kinloch’s depiction of Mexico, spiky cactuses emerge

to disrupt the landscape of infinite horizons,

the clear beaches of Baja California

are represented by the flat-crested waves of the Sea of ​​Cortes,

while Tijuana is bursting with a chaotic and disorderly traffic.



The Ville Lumière, the city of poets and artists,

the city of a thousand lights that shine during the windy night on the banks of the Seine.

In a succession of styles and eras,

of thoughts and music,

waltzing around the Can-Can

with the Moulin Rouge dancers

and a cascade of Macarons,

the silks take shape

like the shadows of lovers in the alleys of Montmartre.


Get lost in the Berber metropolis

with its utter charm,

traditions and culture amongst the most secret glimpses of the suq,

oasis and warm deserts.

Follow the maze of narrow and dusty streets

between the high walls of sand and bricks

that stand like the rocks between the crevices in the desert,

you will come across faces that are worn out by sun and time.