Rejoice you are in sunny Havana. Cuba, an island that seems to be a world apart, jealous of her past, yet projected into the future.

You can feel the rhythm of the silk’s nuances, as if you were on a merry-go-round with an overwhelming soundtrack, made of salsa and rumba.

Waves and Cadillacs

Savour tropical fruits,

as you are intoxicated by the aroma of a cigar,

contemplate the bubbly sea,

while riding a vintage Cadillac,

and a swarm of colourful souls,

sing as you go.

Be inspired.

A colourful existence

By now the rhythm of your heart

beats in unison with the tropical rhythms.

Every life is divided into four quarters

made up by the sun, sea, smiles and colour.

You can no longer leave

because you found your flamboyant existence.