The Kinloch foulards celebrate the chime of the Big Ben, that remind us that we’re back in Europe, in traditional England.

Stoles and scarves are adorned with ironic and precious charms, suspended on silk, with décolleté, owls, frogs, handbags and soldiers that decorate the frame of the London Tower.

The streets of London

Buckingham Palace:

there is a majestic architecture

stippled by the red nuance of the royal guards’ uniforms

who pretend not to be distracted by a cheeky Bulldog.

Go through Tower Bridge

surrounded by the famous taxis that form long lines in the London traffic,

stylised and colourful.

Green expanses and red buses

Come and watch a hunting trip

and immerse yourself in the jubilation of colours

where the mallards take flight,

while pheasants and rabbits

are surrounded by an ensemble of trumpets and horns.

A land to understand and internalise.