In the maze of narrow and dusty streets, between the high walls of sand and bricks, that rise like rocks between the crevices of the desert, you will come across faces that are worn out by sun and time. Enter in the shaded rooms, that will shelter you from the violence of the North African heat, between carpets and old colonial furniture, the mint leaves float in the tea smoke, in colourful glasses.

In the meantime, outside, the crowd is swarming with snake charmers and spice vendors, as the voices grow louder.


When the sun sets the thin air morphs into a rosy nuance

and the Muezzin’s prayer spreads.

Far away, just outside the city,

blue Berber caravans head towards remote places.

The houses and the palm trees fade at a distance, the chatter dies out,

the spaces open up majestically,

the sun leaves its place to the moon,

and the city gives way to the desert.

Suspended in time

The red city is characterised by its colourful suqs,

where the Arabic, Berber and sub-Saharan cultures

blend in a continuous swarm

of timeless voices and colours.

Incredible beauties, with a forbidden flavour,

look at you and want you to stay.