Mexico City

The exotic destination of Mexico City is the protagonist of Kinloch’s Spring-Summer 2019 Collection.

Bold colours with extreme and sharp contrasts.

This is the atmosphere you find in the most secretive alleys of Guanajuato, from the colourful buildings along the main streets, where sun-scorched men dye fruits with fiery chilli, to the peaceful shade of the gardens, amongst old bright-coloured walls like the ones of the house ” Azul.”

Uproar and folklore

You pass through humungous spaces, crowded walkways,

between Baroque churches and Inca pyramids.

Here, everything swarms with human beings,

faces, music, flavours, religious pictures,

diabolical masks, myths, silences,

life and death.

Everything simmers in a joyful and tragic vortex,

whose colours, signs, images, traditions,

are endless sources of inspiration

for the shapes created by Kinloch silks.

Vibrant memories

Amongst the spicy chilli peppers,

Mariachi and Calacas, with polychrome floral backgrounds,

the silk reverberates with the emergence of a cactus, prickly pears,

palm trees, with the fluttering of toucans,

in the midst of the alluring Mexican wilderness.