Allow yourself to be surprised by Russia as you endlessly cross pristine landscapes, interrupted only by extravagant and imaginative buildings like those of the Kremlin.

You will discover that the prevailing shade is not the white of the snow, but a colourful world of picturesque characters, sunflowers, Matryoshkas and Faberge treasures.

Along the Neva River

Dance upon the frozen channels of the Neva River

and get lost amongst the Nevsky Prospect markets.

Come across Babushkas and bears on a leash,

Cossacks and Bolshoi dancers,

and admire the glittering columns of the Winter Palace,

hidden in the shadow of lamps that flicker upon dark icy corners.

New tales

The icy wind blows from the Gulf of Finland

and the heavy tone of a Vodka drinker’s voice

echoes through the night.

Warm tapestries envelop you

epitomising a world that was wiped out,

overwhelmed by a multitude of architectural details,

and extended gates that separate you

from characters, tales and sounds:

everything becomes precious

to create new combinations and new stories.