Who we are

Kinloch introduces itself on the market in 2013 thanks to Davide Mongelli’s brilliant intuition and started the project with young designer Francesco Fantoccoli, who is the current designer of the collection. Kinloch captures the existence of a different and new way — that is less serious and stiff, but is more free and easygoing — to enhance the potential, recognised and loved in the world, of Italian craftsmanship.





The pieces of the Kinloch mosaic, that compose the versatile universe of the brand, are scarves, regular and maxi, stoles, pocket squares, ties, bow ties, socks and fabric belts. The Kinloch realm is characterised by accessories, details, additional items for both men and women, touches of witty humour, instants of unexpected, inebriating irony, moments of sarcasm, fireworks of absolute lightness. All these elements are channeled in every outfit that may be conventional, but not completely formal, bringing out the best in every person that wears them. The seed of inventiveness is planted into the reassuring sobriety of classicism.

Kinloch uses fabrics and yarns of great quality, like the silks of Como and the wool from Biella, impeccable finishing, and details that reveal their mastery meticulously.

The comforting reliability of Made in Italy, is forged through the sparkling lightness of colourful prints.

It is rétro, but with bliss.